Ideas for home schooling materialsIf you have chosen to home-school your children, you have made a huge commitment to ensure the growth and development of their young minds. This is a big responsibility that often comes with a big price tag. As a home-school teacher you are financially responsible for all of your curriculum resources, classroom essentials and teaching aids. We understand that buying all these materials can get expensive, which is why we have built iClickn’Print to design and print a number of different projects that can be used to create your own teaching materials without breaking the bank.

Visual aids are a great way to engage your children and give them a visual reference to help them retain the information that you are presenting.  Use affordable poster board and the iClickn’Print Design Center to create visual aids that will last for years to come and use them for all your children.

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Use IclicknPrint app to create beautiful canvas photosPhoto canvases are images that have been printed on canvas in order to give the illusion that they were painted. They create an amazing focal point in any room and are unique pieces made from your very own photographs.

Having one printed by a local or online print shop can be expensive. So, how do you get the look of a photo canvas for a fraction of the cost? Follow these simple steps and you’ll be hanging your canvas before you know it.


– Photo paper matte or gloss from Royal Brites, size depends on the size of canvas you want to make

– Access to the iClickn’Print Design Center (Comes FREE with Geographics & Royal Brites photo paper

– Gallery wrapped canvas (available at any craft store)

– Spray Adhesive

– Acrylic paint (black or any color that compliments your image)

– Mod Podge craft sealer

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As October winds down, everyone is thinking about Halloween. What are the kids going to wear for costumes this year? What Halloween Scaretype of candy are you going to pass out? And most importantly, how are you going to make your house the spookiest one on the block?

Halloween is the perfect time to let your imagination go wild. It’s time to transform your front porch from welcoming to spooky. Start at the end of your driveway with signs pointing trick-or-treaters in the right direction, right to your haunted porch. Use themed or plain letterhead paper for your signs. Add Halloween clip art to your design and jazz up the finished product with some spider webs draped between your signs.

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Pep rally poster you can print at home.It’s football season, which means that it’s also cheerleading season! Every squad wants to be better than the squad on the other side of the field. Your cheers needs to be more creative, your voices louder and your tumbling more elaborate than your rivals.

The iClickn’Print Online Design Center has a few more ways to take your squad to the next level.  Leave the away team’s squad in awe with big, bold posters.  We offer poster board in a variety of color, making it easy to show your school spirit by starting with poster board in one of your school colors. Once you’ve stocked up on poster board in your colors it’s time to get creative.  Log onto iClickn’Print to start designing your posters.  Simply enter your product code and the software presents you with the exact template you need to turn your spirited ideas into reality.

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