Try iClicknPrint font samplesYour company letterhead is often the first impression that someone gets of your business. If done properly, it can give the reader a glimpse into your business personality.  To ensure that you are sending the right message, make sure that you consider these four components when you sit down to design your letterhead:

Font: Choosing a font for your business print materials is as important as choosing a logo design. Significant amounts of research have been done exploring the role that font plays in design. The consensus is that each font has its own personality and ability to evoke emotion in the reader. Some font personalities are obvious. If you need a fun, laid back font, comic sans may be the font for you. Other fonts may need a little investigation in order to decipher the message they send. For example, corbel is clean and professional, but playful at the same time. Choose the font that you feel best fits the personality and vibe of your business.

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Sign Board for school, business, home projects.E-Z Print Sign Boards from Royal Brites are a great choice for all your home and business sign needs.  Create custom signs to promote your business or events. Concerts and charity events will be a hit when you advertise around town using E-Z Print Sign Board. They are also great for school projects. Teachers will be wowed by the high-quality, creative projects that accompany your child’s reports.

Sign boards are available in a variety of colors including primary colors, pink, fluorescent red, fluorescent green and white so that you can pick the perfect board for your project. They are also available in two different sizes: 22”x28” or 8.5”x14.”

Our sign boards are both water and fade resistant, making them an easy choice for any project. As an added bonus, their affordability gives the option to create multiple signs for the same price that you would pay for one sign from a traditional print shop. Keep your advertising fresh and ever-changing without breaking the bank.

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Create a meal planner with iClicknPrintWeeknights are hectic. You have to get out of work at a decent time, pick up the kids from their after school activities, and then get home to make dinner. How many times have you gotten home only to find that you have no idea what to make or that you don’t have any food in the house? Enter the pizza delivery guy. Thankfully, with a little organization, weeknight dinners can be stress-free.

The trick is to plan ahead with a weekly meal planner displayed prominently in your kitchen. Creating your own meal planner is fun, easy and can be customized to match your home décor. Start with a piece of poster board in the color of your choosing. Log on to iClickn’Print and begin designing your meal planner. A good way to start is by dividing your project into five or seven parts depending on whether you are going to include weekend meals. You can do this by drawing lines or inserting a different symbol for each day of the week. Add clip art, shapes and text to make the planner your own. Print your project and affix it to your poster board.

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Create Christmas letters with iClicknPrint templates and LetterheadThe holidays are right around the corner. Soon, everyone will get out their address books, stock up on stamps and head to the nearest store to grab boxes of holiday cards. Chances are you will receive several of the same cards this year from friends or family. Make your holiday card stick out from the pack this year by doing away with the card altogether. Instead of sending a traditional card to your loved ones this holiday season, put together a holiday newsletter to send your greetings.

Writing and designing a newsletter can be a great way to get the entire family involved in spreading holiday cheer. Get your children involved by giving them the task of putting together of all the fun, memorable activities that your family did together over the past year. Encourage them to work together and even ask members of your immediate and extended family what they think is important to share with the loved ones on your mailing list.

In addition to gathering stories, have everyone in your family browse through photos from the past year and choose their favorites. Later when you are compiling your newsletter you can upload them into the iClickn’Print Design Center and insert them into your design.

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