MontessoriHomeschooling your child is a big decision and a big time commitment. There are a variety of methods that can be used to set up your home school. The Montessori school of thought is just one of the methods available. How do you know if Montessori is right for you and your child? First, you should have a clear understanding of what Montessori means.

In a Montessori curriculum, activities are often self-motivated, allowing the child to choose what activities motivate them. The senses are often involved in Montessori activities in order to help children learn different skills using each of their five senses. Hands-on activities are encouraged and children often gain confidence and life skills. If Montessori sounds like a good fit for your family, an easy way to get started is to create a few projects that encourage concentration and independence

A classic memory game is a great place to start. All you need to make a set of memory cards is some business card paper. Each card needs an image on it, with a matching pair. The iClickn’Print design center has hundreds of clip art images to choose from. Create themed cards to peak your child’s interest. Animal cards make a fun variation of the game. If your child responds to the memory game, why not use poster board to make oversized placemats that teach your child the fundamentals of setting a table? Add images of a plate, fork and knife to the poster. The goal of the project is to develop life skills in your child at a young age to ensure they grow up to be strong independent adults.

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Classroom Valentine - iClicknPrint Valentine's Day Templates Every year, parents face the task of finding empty shoe boxes somewhere in their home that will, with some creativity and a lot of glitter, be transformed into a Valentines box.

Children design their boxes to match their personalities and their idea of Valentine’s Day. The result is usually classrooms from coast to coast sporting boxes decked out in red and pink construction paper, heart stickers and copious amounts of glitter.

While creating a Valentine box with your child is always loads of fun, the real fun comes from picking the perfect Valentine cards for your child to sign and deliver to their classmates. This year you can amp up the fun factor even more by creating your very own Valentine cards with your child.

iClickn’Print now gives you two options when designing your projects. If you’ve purchased a Geographics or Royal Brites paper product, simply log on and begin designing your project for free. If you already have stationery on hand, you can still design amazing projects using iClickn’Print

This Valentine’s Day, you can make some non-traditional Valentine’s Day cards using standard 8×11 copy paper. The fun Valentine shown here was made with iClickn’Print. To make something similar, choose the “Letterhead” category after entering the iClickn’Print website. Then select your letterhead background. From there, let your creativity rule and add some Valentine’s Day clip art and well-placed text boxes. The process is fast, easy and fun and the project can be ready to print in a matter of minutes! What will you and your child create this Valentine’s Day? Share your projects with us on our Facebook page.

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 valenties photo Valentine’s Day is all about letting those close to you know how much you appreciate having them in your life. It’s a great holiday where people come together to celebrate their relationships. Everything is cloaked in red, pink and white and the world has just a touch more glitter in it.

There are many ways to show your love and appreciation — chocolates, flowers or stuffed animals. With iClickn’Print there is a way to show your love and avoid waiting in line at the store. Make your own custom Valentine’s Day cards.

With the iClickn’Print Online Design Center, you can add a twist this year – design and print a photo card. Photo cards are the next level of cards. Not only are you showing the recipient that you are thinking of them, but you are giving them a personal card that you designed yourself.

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