For the past 18 years, you have worked hard to raise your child to be a happy, healthy and well-adjusted member of Use iClicknPrint Templates to customize graduation 2Up Invitationssociety.  A lot of that time has been dedicated to providing and supporting their education.  With graduation right around the corner, it is time to spread the word among your family and friends so they can help recognize and celebrate with you and your graduate.

You have raised your child to be the best, most unique individual they can be.  It’s no wonder a “fill-in-the-blank” announcement won’t fit for your family!  No worries, at iClicknPrint, we understand and are here for you!  You can add a personal touch to your graduation announcements with ease with Invitations from Geographics.

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Use iClicknPrint certificate templates to create custom certificates.

Reward somebody today! Milestones are so important, and as we all know, the time with our kids seems to fly by so quickly.  It’s important to take a moment and celebrate every achievement we can with our kids.  As Graduation nears, let your children know how much you appreciate their hard work.  In fact, you don’t have to stop there – you can show your appreciation for teachers, coaches, co-workers and more.  With iClicknPrint no effort has to go unrecognized anymore!  With free award templates, recognition awards and certificate templates creating a high quality special award or certificate is as easy as point, click, and print!

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Katie Couric may be the one of most loved news reporters and talk show hosts of our times, but what we love most about Katie Couric enjoys crafting and making personal items. with iClicknPrint users can customize stationery.her is her eternally spunky attitude and “real” persona.  It’s easy to relate to her on her show “Katie” because she’s so down to earth and enjoys the same day-to-day activities that we all do!

“Katie” broadcasts live in front of a studio audience every day from ABC’s TV1 Studio in New York City. It is an interactive format, she  engages guests before, during, and after the show.  The show is timely and topical — blending entertainment, information, and the stories of each day in a way that is fun, entertaining and compelling.  Not to mention the great swag!!

Katie Couric enjoys crafting and making personal items to share with friends and family.  On the show, she shares a lot of creative ideas and advice with the audience; and iClicknPrint is happy to report that she personally shared one of our main product lines (Geographics) and included it in the iClicknPrint sponsored Swag bag!

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Mother’s Day is coming up fast!  With all that your Mother has done for you, make sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her this year.  Designing your own custom Mother’s Day card and message will warm her heart, and is the perfect way to show your love.  Even better, it’s easy with iClicknPrint  Greeting Card Paper and the online design i love you momcenter!

Things you will need to create your special Mother’s Day cards:

1 Package of Greeting Card Paper from Geographics (click here to find where to purchase)

  • Greeting Card paper is 5.5”x 8.5”.
  • Combine your cards with our envelopes and mailing labels, to complete your Mother’s Day project for the best effect and the most designing fun!
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