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iClickn'Print offers a great selection of design options such as fonts, colors, clip art, shapes, templates, suggested wording and many more. With the Stationery application you can customize Geographics stationery. With the iClickn'Merge application, you can customize and merge certificates, mailing labels, letterhead, business cards and more with personalized information for all of your recipients at once. We also offer the E-Z Print application for use with poster board. With our tiling technique, you can create and print a project for any size poster board from a standard size printer. E-Z Print formats your design into sections which then can be printed and mounted onto one of our large sized display products. For great Photo Projects we offer our Photo Paper application which will enable you to print your images in small or large formats.



st patricks day_iclicknprintMillions of people are getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this week, both in Ireland and in the US. Whether you have Irish roots or not, resisting the urge to join in the fun will be close to impossible. You might choose to join a parade, prepare a special meal with your friends of family or even host a St. Patrick’s party or challenge your students to a themed class project. Whichever way you choose celebrate, we have a few ideas to help you plan and get organized.

Class or family project

With close to 35 million Irish – Americans living in the US, St. Patrick’s Day celebrations offer a perfect opportunity for a class or family project. Divide class in smaller groups, give each group a Trifold Poster Board or a sheet of white paper that they can turn into a large poster and ask them to work as a team and create a St. Patrick’s display. Allow them to choose what to focus on – the history of the celebration, the meaning of some of the popular symbols, etc. As a family project, you could work on a family tree to celebrate your Irish roots. Check out our IClicknPrint video tutorial on how to design and print large sized posters.

Attending a parade

To get ready for a parade, make your own “green gear” – grab some Royal Brites Green Poster Board and use to make little paper shamrocks for you to wear or even cute leprechaun hats for the kids. Alternately, use 6’’ Royal Lace Green Shamrock Doilies, they are small enough to pin to your bag or clothes and they are great if you don’t have much time to make you own.

Hosting a St. Patrick’s dinner or party

Everyone loves a tasty meal and a great time with friends but it’s the details that will make your party extra special. Use Printable Design Paper to send out personalized invitations or to print out your menu or place cards. Add a mix of Green Shamrock Doilies and 4’’ Gold Foil Paper Doilies as party decorations or under your coffee or tea saucers for a bit of flair.

Add Flair 4.

To add more fun to your party, print out a few funny or less known facts about St. Patrick’s and place them on the dinner table or glue them on your wall creating a Did You Know display – use green poster board paper or place info cards inside Green Greeting Card Envelopes.

Here are a few of our Did You Know suggestions to get you started:

The world’s first recorded Saint Patrick’s Day Parade took place in Boston in 1737 followed by the New York Parade of 1762;
In traditional Irish folk tales, there are no female leprechauns;
In 1961, 100 lbs of vegetable dye was used to turn the Chicago River green, a huge amount compared to the 25 lbs used today. The river stayed green for a full week.



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Did you know that March 9, is the Name Tag Day? In 1997, Jerry Hill, American onomatology hobbyist started the Name Tag Day initiative. Every year, on this day, we are encouraged to think about the names we were given and celebrate them as important components of our identity.

A human being’s name is a principle component of his person, perhaps a piece of his soul – Sigmund Freud

Many researchers have investigated possible links between an individual’s name and their academic performance, behavior in terms of choice of profession, product brands, place to live, etc. Some of the conclusions have been interesting and even controversial. Some researchers argued that people are inclined to choose a spouse among partners whose names begin with the same letter. In that logic, someone named Mike will be more likely to marry someone named Mary than, say, someone named Jessica.

Other researchers have demonstrated the effects of name-signaling i.e. what names say about ethnicity, religion, social and economic background on aspects such as treatment by teachers in school or possible employers during a recruitment process. To put it briefly, our names “speak” a lot about where we come from and can trigger conscious or unconscious biased treatment.

To have some fun on this day, the IClicknPrint team is happy to share an idea for a game you can play with your family, friends, work colleagues or students.

Play the Name Game with IClicknPrint!

Make a note of the 10 most popular male names and 10 most popular female names – choose from the list of the most popular American names in the last 100 years. Print each of the twenty names on cards – we recommend using Geographics Business Cards. Using IClicknPrint Design Center, you can also add graphic elements, special fonts and Clip art. You can also use Free Word templates for cards. Search the web to look up the meaning of each of the twenty names and print each meaning on a separate set of cards.

To play the game, divide the players into two teams and give each team 10 name cards along with the cards containing the meaning of each name. The team that matches the most names to the appropriate meaning wins. For extra thrills, you can also time them.

Have Fun!



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Every year in March, millions of fans celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American writer, cartoonist, animator, book publisher, and artist. Selling over 600 million copies, he wrote some of the most well-known and most translated children’s book of all time. With his quirky characters, memorable rhymes and zesty humor, his books both entertain and teach children about courage, creativity, curiosity and responsibility, respect while at the same time encouraging them to explore and be creative.

creativity post March 01_iclicknprint

As great believers in the power of creativity, Geographics.com, TheRoyalStore and IClicknPrint Design Center join the celebration, reaffirming our mission to help customers make the best of our products and offer tools to explore their own creativity.

Here are a few steps that you could take to today to encourage and support children to be more creative:

  • Be a creative role model yourself. We all have our ways of doing things and we rarely question them because routine saves time and energy so why not try to consciously set a goal to try and do something in a new way and involve your children in the process. If you usually listen to the radio when driving the kids to school, try to turn it off and sing a song – maybe even invent your own song. Grab a Royal Brites Project Board and spend time together every week working on different projects – a family tree or vision board, a creative calendar for the month, etc.

Creativity post March_iclicknprint

  • Allow children to be bored. Resist the urge to fill all your kids’ time with activities and let them get bored every now and then. This usually gets their creative juices flowing and when they start using their imagination – they make up their own games, they turn objects into toys, they make up stories, songs, etc.

Creativity post_iclicknprint

  • Foster a creative atmosphere. Take away the fancy toys, give them a few sheets of Geographics Design Paper and challenge them to an essay or story telling contest or a few Royal Lace paper doilies from TheRoyalStore and see what they come up with. A white or color Royal Brites Poster Board sheet would be as good as it allows them plenty of space to pour their ideas on.

Creativiti post 02_iclicknprint


There are now extensive studies and compelling evidence showing how involving children in creative activities comes with many positive consequences:

  • They learn to look at the world from different perspectives;

  • They can better identify and express their emotions (through art, drama, etc.);

  • They become more empathetic as they learn to put themselves in other people’s shoes;

  • They develop their capacity to focus;

  • They learn to solve problems by exploring different possibilities;

  • The creative process boosts their imagination, etc.

If creativity is “the ability to challenge, question and explore and involves taking risks, playing with ideas, keeping an open mind and making connections where none are obvious” per the Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, wouldn’t we all want to encourage, support and guide our children in ways that fosters creativity especially when we can make it fun for all?

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Spring is almost here and nature’s coming back to life! To celebrate, we’re giving  away one $50 coupon that you can spend at Geographics.com.

Geographics.com (16

To enter the Geographics Design Competition, send us an original photo or a drawing of your favorite nature inspired design. Ideally, the image should relate to a design that you would use on your favorite stationery  – card, letterhead, certificate, thank-you note, etc.  If your design is not original, make sure you credit the source.

Voting for the best design will be open 1–15 March, 2017. The winner will be announced on April 16th, 2017 and the winning design will be featured the Geographics blog.

Please note that participants must be 18 or older and that the contest is only open to US residents.

Good luck and be generous – share with your friends!

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Share the love by getting creative!
Holidays are a great time for kids to work on creative projects but also opportunities to use challenges and games to build self-confidence, appreciation and team spirit.

For this Valentine’s Day celebration, we are sharing our Sugar Hearts game that you can play with family members or in the classroom.
It can work perfectly with only a few family members of a full class of 20+ students. Feel free to use it with both children of different age-groups and adults. The main idea of the Sugar Hearts game is to encourage players to think about and write sweet things about each other – at the end of the game, every participant will have an envelope full of nice, sweet things others have written about him or her.

Image one_iclicknprint

What you need:

  • Printer – you can work with a professional printer you might have at school or simply use the one at home;

  • Printable envelopes – here’s one of our favorite Valentine envelopes from Geographics.com;

  • white or colored cardstock

  • Simple or colored pencils – here are some Valentine pencils from TheRoyalStore.com;

  • Computer.


Step 1: Handwrite or use IClicknPrint Design Center to create a personalized envelope for each player.  Each envelope should have the name of the player clearly written and easily readable.


Step 2: Cut cardstock to heart shapes or use the Clip Art offered by Iclicknprint to print small size heart themed postcards for the players to write on.

Step 3: Use the envelopes, cut cardstock and pencils to play the game

How to play:

  • Stick all the envelopes on a wall or just spread them all on a table or directly on the floor – you should have one for each player;

  • Give pencils and cut cardstock to each participant;

  • Explain that each player will write one thing they like about each of the other players and will put the notes in the appropriate envelope – they should check the name on the envelope before placing the “sugar heart” in;

  • Give players enough time to write and place the notes in the envelopes;

  • When they’re are done, give each player the envelope that had his or her name written on it

  • Allow players to discover and read the notes they find in their envelopes;

  • Ask each player to share one thing they found surprising, interesting or simply super sweet in their envelope;

  • If you are playing the game in the classroom, you could allow the players to keep just one note from their envelope and then ask them to give the envelopes with the rest of the notes to you. You could then mail the envelope you’ve personalized using to each of them after a few weeks. They will love reading through the sweet notes just as much as the first time.

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Get the resume you need to land your dream job! iClicknPrint.com design center makes it fast and easy to create the powerful and professional resume that hiring managers are looking for!

If you are just graduating or starting your career and you don’t have a lot of professional experience under your belt, there is no need to worry! Everyone has been in the same position as you when they first started



Step 1 – Brainstorm

Take time to write down your experience and skills that relate to the position you are applying for.  Also take the time to study each job posting. You have to think of ways to stand out from all of the other candidates competing for the same position as you.  You want to make them think you are perfect for the job!

Don’t only include employment, but also any leadership roles or volunteer experience you may have, in addition to awards, skills, or classes you’ve taken. You will want employers to know about these

Try and keep in mind the employer and job description. You need to show them how your experience and skills make you perfect for the position


Step 2 – Put it all together

Now is time to begin writing. There are many great resume examples online that you can use for inspiration or reference

Make it look professional, simple, and clean. You want to make it easy to read and try and stick to one page

A great way to start your resume is with a summary statement which discusses your goals and strengths

Then, list your education. The high school and college(s) you’ve attended. It is not recommended that you put your GPA unless it is a 3.5 or higher

Next is the experience section. This is where you write about your past internships and job experience. Usually this information is in bullet form and you can expand on how you took initiative or accomplished a goal – use numbers if you can




This is where you get personal. You can add a lot of sections including – volunteer experience, relevant coursework, extracurricular activities and community involvement, computer and language skills, and more!

You can also put thought into using a template or a layout, but don’t stress this too much. Your goal is to communicate your experience in the appropriate manner, not wow them with your design


Step 3 – Proofread!

You will not be taken seriously if there are spelling and grammatical errors on your resume. You won’t look detail oriented with a resume that looks like it wasn’t proofread

Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Print it out and read it over. Word won’t always catch all of your mistakes. You can also ask a friend or family member to read it over for you as well. Its always nice to have another set of eyes. There are even services online that will scan your resume and check for any mistakes


Step 3 – Print

Use good quality paper, and not just regular photo paper. Geographics offers many varieties and styles that are perfect for printing your resume! And our Design Center can help you put it all together!

We hope these resume tips to help you land your dream job have helped!




Now you are ready to get your dream job! What are you waiting for?

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