Lace Doily Favors Royal Lace® Doily Crafts

Send guests home from the wedding with sweet “lace” favors
Save your “something blue: for the end of the night and present guests with these little packages.
Doilies were originally made from real lace; the paper versions, of course, are common today. Blue ones make unexpected wrappers for favors.

Materials needed:

Royal Lace medallion doily
-chocolate bar or other treat
-double-sided tape


  1. Place a miniature chocolate bar or other treat in the center of a round doily and fold its sides in.
  2. Thread ribbon through both sides (make slits with a utility knife first if necessary), pull to center it and hold it in place with a sticker inscribed with a message or monogram.
  3. Fold the top and bottom of the doily over and secure with double-sided tape.
  4. Bring the ribbon ends around, trim them so that they just overlap and glue ends together.
  5. Next, lay a 1 ½” piece of flat ribbon, bring the ends in to overlap at the center and glue together; wrap another small piece of ribbon around the center and glue this flat bow to the favor.