The Art of Business Colors in Marketing

Color WheelAs a small business owner, you understand the importance of well-designed marketing material. You need a logo that pops, a brand that customers recognize, and print materials that draw the eye. Choosing the right color for these elements is vital to your business’ success.

Colors convey emotion, can influence decisions, and create reactions within your body. So have you chosen the right colors to represent your business. Find out if you’re using the subtle language of color to draw in customers or push them away.

Black: To infuse some drama into your marketing materials, add some bold, black elements. Black has also long stood for elegance and sophistication. Black is the perfect color for a business that exudes power, stability and authority.

White: Ever wonder why all doctors wear white coats? It’s because white makes people think clean and sterile. The use of white space in design is vitally important. It gives the eyes a place to rest and provides relief from visual clutters. The improper use of white space will ruin an otherwise stellar design idea.

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Invitations: How Do You Say What You Want to Say?

We’ve all been there, writing out wedding invitations or planning your parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. You want to make Use iClicknPrint to create wedding invitations.sure that the invitations give credit where credit is due, are informative, and have a touch of personality all at the same time.

The art of writing invitations is one that’s hard to master. Wedding invitations are an excellent example of this. Not only do they inform your guests of the time, date, and location of your big day, they can also indicate who paid for the event, whether children may attend, or even how guests are expected to dress. Getting it right can be a daunting task.

You may never be faced with the difficult task of writing wedding invitations, but chances are you will have to write a holiday card at some point. It is an art that has rattled the best of us, including some of our nation’s chief executives. What is the proper wording that will convey your message individually, to everyone on your mailing list?

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iClicknPrint Application – Check Printer Settings to Avoid Mistakes, Stress

If you’ve just spent your precious time designing the perfect poster, an A+ worthy school project or a stunning brochure, you are just itching to click “Print.” iClickn’Print makes it easy to design and print any project that you can imagine, but before you click that mouse and start printing your creation, make sure that your project will come out exactly how you envisioned it by checking your printer settings. Taking these simple steps to ensure that your printer is properly set for your project will save you time, frustration and money.

Page Orientation: Depending on your project, you will have to choose which way the page will be oriented.  For example, when printing certificates or awards, you have to choose landscape orientation for your project to print properly.

College achievement Award

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Tiling Technology Lets You Print Large Posters at Home

Create large posters with iClicknPrint from fromAs a small business owner or as a parent tasked with helping your children with their school projects, there are times when you will need to create high-quality printed projects. Thankfully, gone are the days when this would mean driving to a print shop, waiting days for your project to be completed and paying a premium price. The iClickn’Print Design Center lets you design and print your own projects in the comfort of your home or office, saving you time and money.

The design center allows users to print designs to fit on larger poster boards such as 14″x 22″ and 22″x 28″ sizes.  These sizes can be used in business presentations, science fair presentations and in-store displays. The secret of creating large projects lies in a patent-pending technology called tiled printing. The iClickn’Print software determines the size of your finished project and divides your design into precise 8.5″ x 11″ panels.

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Four Wedding Items You Can Print Yourself

Use iClicknPrint to design and print wedding itemsYour wedding day will be unforgettable, one of the most significant days of your life. It’s no wonder that brides and grooms all over the world spend so much time, effort and money into making the event memorable and unique. Weddings can get expensive, but with a few DIY projects you can find places to save money that would be better spent on couples massages on your honeymoon. Here are some projects that iClickn’Print can help you tackle.

Save the Date Cards: Give your guests a chance to mark their calendars with their your wedding date up to a year in advance of the date by sending them save the date cards. Save the date cards can be done in any style you choose from a greeting card to a magnet. Our favorite save the date cards are made using photo paper. Choose an image of you and your fiance or a place that holds special significance to you and use our design center to add text boxes into which you can enter the event date and location information.

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Font Matters: 5 Tips to help you choose the right font for your business cards

You have the logo, you know what color palette you want to use, and you have all your business information. You’re now ready to print your business cards right? Maybe not. If you haven’t given serious thought to the font that you will use for your business cards, you are missing a very important step. Font conveys much more than the written message including emotion and personality. Ensure that your business cards are sending the right message by picking the perfect font

So how do you choose the perfect font for your business cards? Answer these five questions:

1. What type of font do you use in other marketing materials?

Each business has a brand or identity. Brand is built through the combination of space, color, and design. For iconic companies such as Coca-Cola and Adidas, a signature font has become interchangeable with the company’s identities. Keep your font uniform across marketing materials to ensure that your brand is easily recognizable.

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