A Conclusion to the Science Fair Project: iClickn’Print

All science fair projects start with the basic three-sided display board, but that’s where the similarity ends. From colorful cutout lettering to professional-looking charts and graphs, there are countless ways to create a unique presentation for a science experiment. A printed display would be ideal—but commercial printing is expensive. However, with the free, online software iClickn’Print, you can print out the entire project on your home printer at minimal cost.

With iClickn’Print, it’s easy to create an exemplary project board. Each element of the science experiment—title, hypothesis, procedure, conclusion, etc.—can be printed onto a standard-sized piece of paper. Customize the sections one at a time with easy-to-use text boxes, clip art, and different fonts and colors. Hover over a font or a color to preview the many available options instantaneously. Resizing or repositioning the text or art is a simple matter of clicking and dragging. Don’t skip out on the clip art; peruse iClickn’Print’s extensive collection to find related images that enhance the visual effect of your project.

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Print Poster Boards at Home with iClickn’Print

It’s an inevitable part of having a child in a school system: the poster board school project. Often it turns out to be more work for the parents than for the child. Putting together one by hand can turn into a mess of markers and glue. If your child’s handwriting isn’t a work of art, then the end result won’t be, either. Paying to have one printed provides professional results, but using an industrial-sized printer might put a dent in your wallet. Luckily, there’s an easy, inexpensive way to create professional-looking poster boards at home: iClicknprint’s layering technique.School posters

Although standard printers can only produce standard-sized pages, you can use any printer to create an oversized poster board using software from iClicknprint. iClicknprint divides the total board into panels that print onto standard sheets of paper. By assembling the panels, you can cover a poster board to create a professional project with a single image.

The process is simple: all you need is a poster board from Royal Brites or Geographics and a printer. The poster board can be any size. iClicknprint will know whether it requires four, six, or forty-six sheets of paper to cover it. It will even print out partial sheets to fill out the edges of the poster board perfectly. All of this is done automatically when you input the size of your poster board.

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Give Your Non-Profit a Boost with Custom Invitations

Small, local non-profit organizations don’t have money to spare—but when it comes to fundraising, they need to pull out all the stops. Drawing the community into a benefit event such as a gala, dance, or dinner pays off in increased visibility, and should end up bringing more money in. Here, it’s vital to make a strong first impression. You’ll need eye-catching invitations, ones that portray your organization as professional, capable, and one that people would want to support.

Does that mean you have to spend your closely rationed funds on commercial printing? Not necessarily. Using free, online software such as iClicknprint, you can create custom invitations and print them on a standard printer. With iClicknprint, you can create different styles of cards, such as single-page invitations or fold-over panel cards. If you have a large quantity to print, perforated paper is available that allows for two to a page. Your only costs: the paper and ink.

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Master Certificates Using iClickn’Merge

certificatesGot a foot-tall stack of certificates to print? Forget typing names and accomplishments onto each one in turn. With the free, online software iClicknprint from Geographics, you can create countless personalized certificates in no time. The secret? Two words: mail merge.

Essentially, iClicknmerge is a way of transferring text from one source onto multiple items. With iClicknprint this means that you can create numerous customized certificates from one file, such as an Excel or a CSV (comma-separated values) file. All you need is a list of the recipients’ names and accomplishments, then you can import the information to text boxes on the certificates and print out the results.

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Print Eye-Catching Valentines for the Classroom from Home

school valentinesNot every child in grade school has a suitor or a sweetheart, but for Valentine’s Day they all deserve a special card. Packets of generic valentines tout identical images and inscriptions. Worse yet, another student could hand out that same card! Last-minute shoppers may also find a limited or even sold-out selection if they’ve waited too long.

Luckily for time-pressed moms and teachers too busy grading to spend an afternoon at the store, it’s fast–and inexpensive–to print custom cards from home using the iClicknPrint Design Center. With this free, online software from Royal Consumer Products and Geographics, it takes less than an hour to print out personalized valentines for a classroom. It’s easy, too. All you need is a computer with Internet access, a printer, and paper from which you can choose from Geographics’ or Royal Brites’ wide selection of preprinted stationary. It won’t take long to make your cards. Even the day before Valentine’s Day, a spare hour in the evening is enough to produce a gorgeous line of unique valentines for your classroom.

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