Create Graduation invitations with iClicknPrint!

“The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.” – William S. Burroughs

For most people graduation day is one of the best days of their lives.  Family and friends gather to celebrate this joyous occasion as it is a huge accomplishment. This day serves as an incitement for students to enjoy academic achievements and a way for parents to celebrate how proud they are of their children. This landmark in life is a moment that is worth remembering and cherishing, whether you’re graduating grade school, high school, or college, you walk earnestly towards the stage elegantly dressed in a robe and tassel. Graduation is not so much an ending but rather a new beginning. It embarks the start of new adventures. For adolescents, this is the start of letting go of your parent’s embrace and testing your wings in high school. For high school students, this is the beginning of a new journey to self-discovery and finding out what you really want out of life in college. For college students, graduation marks the beginning of “real life” as you reach out of your comfort zone to something completely new.

Whatever the occasion, let iClicknPrint be a part of your special day! Here is what you need:

1. Invitations from Geographics

Grad Letterhead


2. Envelopes from Geographics


Grad Envelops


3. Mailing Labels from Geographics

Grad Labels

How many packages you purchase will depend on how many people you plan on sending invites to.

Now for the fun part! With the iClicknPrint Design Center, there are so many ways to customize your invitations, envelopes, and mailing labels. You can easily create designs using clip art, photos, shapes, and different font styles. Image and impression are very important. The little details and personal touches help pull it all together. The way the message is delivered is just as important as the message itself.

You can also find thank you greeting cards from Geographics!


Thanks Grad

If you need help, you can visit – There are many easy how to videos!  Don’t forget to use the iClicknPrint Design Center for all of your customizing needs! When you are finishing designing, all you need to do is save your project and print it out!

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2015!


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Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.


In a world where violence is the norm, Martin Luther King Jr. promoted non-violent civil disobedience to conquer the inequalities of the United States at the time.  His efforts helped turn the tide and make the United States a more just place for all.  For over 20 years we have celebrated Martin Luther King Junior’s role in the civil rights movement.

A great way to honor Martin Luther King and his accomplishments is by displaying a poster in his name –made especially easy by iClicknPrint!

Here is the recipe for a stunning poster that will wow and inform your students and staff:


–          Royal Brites Posterboard


1)      Log on to to access tons of free templates

2)      Design your posterboard with your own images or images provided by iclicknprint

3)      Add some of MLK’s most powerful quotes

4)      Print it out, put it together, and paste on your posterboard

It’s as easy as that!  Need help?  Check out the Designing Posterboard Demo Video for ideas and help navigating the website.

Now you can display your poster in the classroom or office and teach your students and staff about the importance of MLK’s work.  After all, aren’t we a better society because of his efforts?

Check our blog often for great ideas in the office, classroom, and home!

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Back to school – It’s that time of year again


It’s that time of year again: time to gear up for another school year! Teachers and parents are on the same team when it comes to figuring out how to best engage and motivate children to not only retain and demonstrate knowledge but also to enjoy learning throughout the year, and iClickn’Print is here to help. Teachers can motivate by using certificates of recognition throughout the year, for everything from achieving the highest test score in the class or showing marked improvement. Every student can be recognized at some point. Parents can lessen homework tensions at home by encouraging their children to create their own uniquely designed projects right on the computer, which makes finishing assignments not only easier but also quicker, allowing for more time devoted to the many aspects of a busy student’s daily life. Students can demonstrate what they’ve learned in flashy, personalized ways using just a few clicks and endless imagination. Make this year start out great and stay exciting with iClickn’Print!

Introduce yourself to your new students in fun, creative ways using personalized stationary, business cards and letterhead. Design your own unique handouts for detailing what the year will bring and demonstrate to your students the creativity you want to have them mirror in the upcoming year. iClickn’Print allows you to create your own personalized certificates for student recognition, so now is a good time to get those ready for upcoming assignments. Simply create the template now and add the names later! Want to create an impressive way for parents to have your contact information? Design your own unique business cards for students to bring home on the first day of school. Do you have your own set of expectations tailored to your classroom? Design and create unique posters for your room detailing whatever you want your students to know. Choose your poster board, add your own pictures and wording and you have the perfect personalized poster for your classroom!

Before you know it, you’ll have class projects to complete, and what better way to do it than with your own designs and ideas! Create personalized tri-folds for class assignments showing off your knowledge (great for math and science projects!) Make your own posters for assignments by using pictures of your choosing uploaded directly to your design and impress your teacher with a great looking project! Design your own handouts for classmates to accompany a speech or presentation. Do you have a book report to hand in during the first week? Design your own creative cover to any report or essay. You’re just a few clicks away from making your school year start out great!

The school year brings with it lots of work for your child. Help make it fun with iClickn’Print! You and your child can design one of a kind posters and projects that will both show what they know and dazzle in appearance at the same time. No longer do we have to hand-draw charts, maps or designs on poster board and spend frustrating hours churning out a quality project. Use iClickn’Print to make high quality, professional projects that are easy for your child to design and create. All it takes is a few clicks, and you can watch your child enjoying their schoolwork and taking pride in what they accomplish. Whether it is handouts for peers, posters for projects or even glossy pages for a report, your child can create whatever they envision, and you can help! It’s easy; it’s quick and it’s enjoyable.

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Tell Dad He is Out of This World This Father’s Day With iClicknPrint!

Use iClicknPrint templates to create unique Father's Days Letters.Father’s Day is this weekend!  At iClicknPrint, we know how hard fathers work all year round, and that it’s important to take a moment to recognize their efforts to provide, teach, mentor and love their kids so they become happy, healthy, successful people.  The best way to show your appreciation for all Dad has done for your family is to create a customized Father’s Day card. iClicknPrint can help you design a special piece Dad is sure to treasure for years to come.  iClicknPrint provides step-by-step instructions to create the perfect Father’s Day card this year.

Designing something personal and meaningful for Dad will warm his heart and fill your kids with pride when they share their efforts – plus, craft time with family is just good fun!

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iClicknPrint Graduation Announcements help you spread graduation news!

 For the past 18 years, you have worked hard to raise your child to be a happy, healthy and well-adjusted member of Use iClicknPrint Templates to customize graduation 2Up Invitationssociety.  A lot of that time has been dedicated to providing and supporting their education.  With graduation right around the corner, it is time to spread the word among your family and friends so they can help recognize and celebrate with you and your graduate.

You have raised your child to be the best, most unique individual they can be.  It’s no wonder a “fill-in-the-blank” announcement won’t fit for your family!  No worries, at iClicknPrint, we understand and are here for you!  You can add a personal touch to your graduation announcements with ease with Invitations from Geographics.

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iClicknPrint Is Your Source For Graduation Certificates

Use iClicknPrint certificate templates to create custom certificates.

Reward somebody today! Milestones are so important, and as we all know, the time with our kids seems to fly by so quickly.  It’s important to take a moment and celebrate every achievement we can with our kids.  As Graduation nears, let your children know how much you appreciate their hard work.  In fact, you don’t have to stop there – you can show your appreciation for teachers, coaches, co-workers and more.  With iClicknPrint no effort has to go unrecognized anymore!  With free award templates, recognition awards and certificate templates creating a high quality special award or certificate is as easy as point, click, and print!

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