iClicknPrint Loves Katie Couric – and the feeling is mutual!

Katie Couric may be the one of most loved news reporters and talk show hosts of our times, but what we love most about Katie Couric enjoys crafting and making personal items. with iClicknPrint users can customize stationery.her is her eternally spunky attitude and “real” persona.  It’s easy to relate to her on her show “Katie” because she’s so down to earth and enjoys the same day-to-day activities that we all do!

“Katie” broadcasts live in front of a studio audience every day from ABC’s TV1 Studio in New York City. It is an interactive format, she  engages guests before, during, and after the show.  The show is timely and topical — blending entertainment, information, and the stories of each day in a way that is fun, entertaining and compelling.  Not to mention the great swag!!

Katie Couric enjoys crafting and making personal items to share with friends and family.  On the show, she shares a lot of creative ideas and advice with the audience; and iClicknPrint is happy to report that she personally shared one of our main product lines (Geographics) and included it in the iClicknPrint sponsored Swag bag!

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Show Mom You Love Her With iClicknPrint Cards!

Mother’s Day is coming up fast!  With all that your Mother has done for you, make sure she knows how much you love and appreciate her this year.  Designing your own custom Mother’s Day card and message will warm her heart, and is the perfect way to show your love.  Even better, it’s easy with iClicknPrint  Greeting Card Paper and the online design i love you momcenter!

Things you will need to create your special Mother’s Day cards:

1 Package of Greeting Card Paper from Geographics (click here to find where to purchase)

  • Greeting Card paper is 5.5”x 8.5”.
  • Combine your cards with our envelopes and mailing labels, to complete your Mother’s Day project for the best effect and the most designing fun!
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iClickn’Print Hug Some Bunny Labels

Use iClicknPrint clip arts to make custom Easter Bunny Labels.Let some bunny know how much you love them this Easter with a Hug Some Bunny Labels – perfect for your kids to share with friends and relatives – or to create their own art project!

Easter is a magical time for your children. After all with cute chicks and bunnies, a family dinner and all the candy they can eat, there are few days that get better than Easter for a kid. Who are we kidding? It’s just as fun for adults! We get to see their bright smiles when they nibble off the chocolate rabbit ear, and raid the baskets for peeps once they go to bed. Overall, it’s just a great day.

You can add to the fun with a craft project your smaller tikes will enjoy using. All kids love stickers! You can create the sticker labels quickly and easily with iClicknPrint’s Custom Mailing Labels templates in the Online Design Center. Our templates feature clip art, colors, borders and so much more!

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Create Your Own Bunny Trail The iClickn’Print Way!

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail – hopping down your custom bunny trail! Set the mood for fun by creating your own bunny trail your kids can follow right to their Easter baskets! Custom garland banners are fun to decorate and an easy way to add a special touch to your festivities! Just personalize business cards to start your trail to Easter treasures! With letters to spell out your child’s name on the way to the basket, or clues to find those hidden eggs – you can create a fun accessory to the holiday your family is sure to enjoy.

String printed tags onto colorful baker’s twine, and secure tags in place with tape. Looks great strewn across an entryway or attached on a wall behind the mother-to-be as she opens her shower gifts.

happy easter

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Recognize Your Employees With iClickn’Print Certificates

Do you have wonderful employees that always go the extra mile?  Of course you do!  It’s time to recognize their efforts.  Research shows that most employees work hard for the recognition as opposed to just money.  Acknowledging your staff members can increase moral, decrease turn over and make a dramatic impact on productivity.  Saying thank you is a Win-Win strategy, and frankly, just the right thing to do.

Use iClicknPrint to create Empoyee Of the Month Certificate Template. Use iClicknPrint Templates to design Employee of the Month Certificate Template With iClicknPrint, users can create certificate templates designs and print from their printer.

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From Phone to Fridge or Frame. Print Photos with iClickn’Print

iClicknPrint and Royal Brites Photo Paper

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it is hard to cuddle with your iPhone on the couch for a trip down memory lane together! Let’s face it; with smart phones we take more pictures than ever before. At the same time, we have no décor for the fridge or framed pictures of our kids learning to ride a bike for the first time. There is just something to be said about flipping through a photo album sharing memories of great times with those we love.

With iClicknPrint and Royal Brites Photo Paper your fridge doesn’t have to be empty any longer! Get those photos out of your phone, into a frame and onto your wall quickly with the iClicknPrint Online Design Center.

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