Create Your Own Bunny Trail The iClickn’Print Way!

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail – hopping down your custom bunny trail! Set the mood for fun by creating your own bunny trail your kids can follow right to their Easter baskets! Custom garland banners are fun to decorate and an easy way to add a special touch to your festivities! Just personalize business cards to start your trail to Easter treasures! With letters to spell out your child’s name on the way to the basket, or clues to find those hidden eggs – you can create a fun accessory to the holiday your family is sure to enjoy.

String printed tags onto colorful baker’s twine, and secure tags in place with tape. Looks great strewn across an entryway or attached on a wall behind the mother-to-be as she opens her shower gifts.

happy easter

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Recognize Your Employees With iClickn’Print Certificates

Do you have wonderful employees that always go the extra mile?  Of course you do!  It’s time to recognize their efforts.  Research shows that most employees work hard for the recognition as opposed to just money.  Acknowledging your staff members can increase moral, decrease turn over and make a dramatic impact on productivity.  Saying thank you is a Win-Win strategy, and frankly, just the right thing to do.

Use iClicknPrint to create Empoyee Of the Month Certificate Template. Use iClicknPrint Templates to design Employee of the Month Certificate Template With iClicknPrint, users can create certificate templates designs and print from their printer.

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From Phone to Fridge or Frame. Print Photos with iClickn’Print

iClicknPrint and Royal Brites Photo Paper

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it is hard to cuddle with your iPhone on the couch for a trip down memory lane together! Let’s face it; with smart phones we take more pictures than ever before. At the same time, we have no décor for the fridge or framed pictures of our kids learning to ride a bike for the first time. There is just something to be said about flipping through a photo album sharing memories of great times with those we love.

With iClicknPrint and Royal Brites Photo Paper your fridge doesn’t have to be empty any longer! Get those photos out of your phone, into a frame and onto your wall quickly with the iClicknPrint Online Design Center.

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Small Business DIY Design – The Perfect Business Card With

Create business cards templates with iClicknPrint

We live in the age of technology, of that we can be sure. But that doesn’t mean that the core elements of a business, like business cards, have become passé. Think about it, judging by the number of cards most business professionals collect during the average week, they’re obviously still relevant. This means that you have to create a great card that will position your company as relevant too.  Simply put, business cards are still a viable, and cost effective, marketing tool for your company.

Withcard that portrays your business in a professional manner. can help you do just that by using the Online Design Center with pre-perforated Geographics Business Card stock.

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Planting Seeds Can Be Family Fun

Spring is coming!  For many families this means long days in the park, BBQs and gardening.  There are many perks to planting a garden with your kids.  Gardening can promote sustainability, save grocery money, teach kids the value of working together as a team and provide healthy nutritious produce at meal time. can help you engage your whole family when starting a garden.  And, since Easter is so close, let’s focus on the Easter Bunny’s favorite – carrots.

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Personalize Seals with iClickn’Print for Birthday Cupcakes!

Personalize cupcakes with iCLickPrintWe get one day each year to celebrate the existence of people we love – their birthdays!! iClicknPrint is here to help you celebrate the right way! What better way than to create custom cupcake signs in celebration of the birthday girl or boy’s unique personality?

The truth is cupcakes are a perfect dessert anytime, but they are especially wonderful for a child’s birthday party.  Adding custom tags reflecting the theme and décor of the party, or even a simple name tag for each party-goer can put on the finishing touch or add a pop of color to any party.

You can create the perfect cupcake tags quickly and easily with iClicknPrint’s Custom Seals templates in the Online Design Center.  Our templates feature clip art, colors, borders and so much more!

Some of our party favorites include Disney Label Characters, Minion and Princess themes.  Each label can be designed individually, so your little princess and her friends each have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want to be Snow White, Cinderella or even Princess Jasmine.

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