Planting Seeds Can Be Family Fun

Spring is coming!  For many families this means long days in the park, BBQs and gardening.  There are many perks to planting a garden with your kids.  Gardening can promote sustainability, save grocery money, teach kids the value of working together as a team and provide healthy nutritious produce at meal time. can help you engage your whole family when starting a garden.  And, since Easter is so close, let’s focus on the Easter Bunny’s favorite – carrots.

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Personalize Seals with iClickn’Print for Birthday Cupcakes!

Personalize cupcakes with iCLickPrintWe get one day each year to celebrate the existence of people we love – their birthdays!! iClicknPrint is here to help you celebrate the right way! What better way than to create custom cupcake signs in celebration of the birthday girl or boy’s unique personality?

The truth is cupcakes are a perfect dessert anytime, but they are especially wonderful for a child’s birthday party.  Adding custom tags reflecting the theme and décor of the party, or even a simple name tag for each party-goer can put on the finishing touch or add a pop of color to any party.

You can create the perfect cupcake tags quickly and easily with iClicknPrint’s Custom Seals templates in the Online Design Center.  Our templates feature clip art, colors, borders and so much more!

Some of our party favorites include Disney Label Characters, Minion and Princess themes.  Each label can be designed individually, so your little princess and her friends each have the opportunity to decide for themselves whether they want to be Snow White, Cinderella or even Princess Jasmine.

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Easter Bunny Bags Made Easy With

Print Easter Bunny with iClicknPrintThe Easter Bunny is hop-hop-hopping your way! Easter egg hunts have been a children’s tradition for years. This year, why not step up your hunt with Easter candy gifts by customizing Bunny Bags with your kids to give as fun gifts to friends and family? It’s a fun way to enjoy crafts with the kids – and celebrate the holiday! With iclicknprint – it’s quick, easy and fun!

Here is what you’ll need:

24 Zip Sealing Snack sized bags
Jelly Beans
4 Pages of Place Cards Paper from Geographics (Size: 1.625″x3.75″)

Easter Bunny Bags are easy to make! Simply fill the bottom of each snack bag with jelly beans or other yummy candy and seal the bag. Now, you are ready to design your labels!

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Some iClickn’Print Projects to Help Shake Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever DayWinter is so close to being over, but you still have at least another couple of weeks of cold weather to contend with. After months of being cooped up, the kids are climbing the walls and you’re desperate for fresh activity ideas. iClickn’Print offers a number of products that will keep the kids occupied and help your entire family shake the cabin fever.

Poster Board: Get the kids to design posters to decorate their rooms. We have dinosaur, sports and even holiday themed clip art to help create posters they will be proud to hang.

Business Cards: Create a custom memory card game with your children. Each pair of card gets a unique image, click print, shuffle up your cards and you have hours of memory fun ahead of you.

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Easy Design Tool for School Science Projects

Science Project ExampleIt’s science fair time again. Time to find out how dolphins communicate with each other or if temperature affects a tennis ball’s bounce. Your child probably has grand ideas for an science project experiment that is going to blow everyone away and will leave you cleaning the kitchen counters for a week. Do your part to make jaws drop by making sure that they have the right materials to make their presentation as stunning as their experiments.

iClickn’Print, in conjunction with Royal Brites, offers high-quality science projects materials such as project boards including the standard tri-fold board. Tri-fold boards come in a variety of colors including black, white, red and yellow. They also come in a number of sizes so that you can personalize your project and tailor it to fit your vision. Our boards are sturdy and rugged. They will survive a rough trip to school on a crowded bus and still make a big impression when your child proudly sets it up at the fair.

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Make A Family Vision Board to Set Goals, Inspire Dreams

Family Vision BoardSpending quality time with your children is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Learning their hopes and dreams brings joy that is beyond measure. Creating a family vision board is an opportunity to do just that.

A vision board is any sort of board on which you display images or words that represent your goals and/or dreams. When prominently displayed in your home, a vision board helps to remind you of what you wish to accomplish and pushes you to go after your dreams. A family vision board brings all the members of your family together to share their goals for themselves and the family.

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