Turn your small business dreams into reality with Project Boards

Presentation Poster made by iClicknPrintYou had an idea, and from that idea you spent months, maybe even years drafting an intricate business plan. It’s perfect, and you’re finally ready to turn your idea into a business. Before you head to the investors, it’s important that you look the part. That goes beyond your physical appearance. It includes the materials that you use to present your idea and business.

Visual aids are a simple way to add personality and interest to your presentations, but having large posters or project boards printed for your meetings with investors or partners can get expensive if you’re using a traditional print shop. IClickn’Print makes bringing that extra something to your presentations simple and affordable.

Our project boards come in a variety of colors and sizes and are easily customizable. With the iClickn’Print Design Center, you have the ability to choose the perfect color palette, font and layout for any business presentation. Once printed, you can add photos, charts, graphs and tables to your project to illustrate your vision.

Investor meetings aren’t the only things you need to prepare for when launching your own business. The day your business is up and running, you want to ensure that you have a clear brand and that appears everywhere your target audience may be looking. You will need business cards, letterhead and brochures to spread the word about your grand opening. Simply upload your logo into the iClickn’Print Design Center, choose your layout and enter your business information to design all of your business stationery in one platform.

The ability to save your projects in iClickn’Print makes it easy to make future changes should you choose to change your design. Because you use your own printer, changes can be made and printed quickly. With iClickn’Print you can build your brand, wow investors, and launch your business all with a few simple mouse clicks.

About the author  ⁄ Madlena

IClicknPrint Design Center is a free customization tool with offering solutions for customers who want to customize Geographics Stationery and Royal Brites Poster Board, Foam or Project Board and Inkjet or Laser Photo Paper. It comes with a variety of unique features such as hover over fonts and colors, free clip art, shapes and lines, suggested wording as well as pre-set templates. The Merge application allows merging of Excel and CSV data into text boxes from Gegraphics certificates, Mailing Labels, Letterhead, Business Cards, Invitatations and more saving important time and effort. The E-Z Print application allows customization of large size poster board, foam board and Project Board for Photo posters, school projects, science fair and yard, store or street signs. Based on a layering technique, you can choose the paper size to print and layer and unify the printouts in a whole on a large-size display board. Great for DIY projects! For Photo Projects you can print your pictures in small or large formats- from 4"x6" to 12"x12" and 11"x17".