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If in our previous Iclicknprint blog article we’ve touched upon a few essentials of graphic design and defined elements such as line, color, space, etc., this post may help you with the design process as an iterative series of steps leading to the creation of a new product or approaching your target market with a newly designed marketing material.

Learn the 7 Steps of the Design Process:

  1. Define

Look at the assignment or the “problem”. Seek to understand its scope, your target audience and the constraints. The more thorough this stage is, the more chances you have to come up with a successful solution. Saying something like “I want to put together a cool product brochure” will not get you very far unless you properly define what “cool” means.

  1. Research

This is the stage where you need to look deeply at our target audience – who will “consume” your product, what is their lifestyle, their education level, their aspirations, their habits. In other words, who are you targeting with your product brochure, web page or presentation and what do I already know about these people who represent your target market.

  1. Ideate

Potential design solutions or variations are created at this stage. Ideas are created through brainstorming, sketching ideas, adapting a tried-and-tested design that already exists, etc. Ideation should be the fun part of the whole process. Arrange a successful brainstorming session with all parties that need to get involved in the design process and who understand the market needs.

  1. Prototype

After generating a few potential solutions during the previous stage, you can choose one or two best ideas to develop further, to provide a better starting point for selection. These ideas are turned into prototypes that will then be tested – after choosing two or three different design concepts.

  1. Select

Choose which design versions you have prototyped will be taken further. The key in making the decision is answer an essential question – it this solution fit for purpose?  You might like a certain design style or function but how appropriate is it for your target audience? Will your customers like it and, more importantly, how will they respond to it?

  1. Implement

Develop the actual product. For example, for a brochure add the final copy and images, proof it and send it out for printing print it yourself, in-house, using  iclicknprint.com or Geographics templates.

  1. Learn

For any company, this final stage is one where the team learns from what has happened during the design process, where they might seek feedback from the client or customer. The generated feedback can serve as a learning opportunity for future projects.

In his book, The Shape of Design, Frank Chimero talks about the design process as a dance. He says: “Dancing requires music, and we each have our own song. These songs are the culmination of our individual dispositions […] and a demonstration of the lens we use to see the world.”

So, what are your dance moves?

Frank Chimero – The Shape of Design;
Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris – Design Thinking







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Get the resume you need to land your dream job! iClicknPrint.com design center makes it fast and easy to create the powerful and professional resume that hiring managers are looking for!

If you are just graduating or starting your career and you don’t have a lot of professional experience under your belt, there is no need to worry! Everyone has been in the same position as you when they first started



Step 1 – Brainstorm

Take time to write down your experience and skills that relate to the position you are applying for.  Also take the time to study each job posting. You have to think of ways to stand out from all of the other candidates competing for the same position as you.  You want to make them think you are perfect for the job!

Don’t only include employment, but also any leadership roles or volunteer experience you may have, in addition to awards, skills, or classes you’ve taken. You will want employers to know about these

Try and keep in mind the employer and job description. You need to show them how your experience and skills make you perfect for the position


Step 2 – Put it all together

Now is time to begin writing. There are many great resume examples online that you can use for inspiration or reference

Make it look professional, simple, and clean. You want to make it easy to read and try and stick to one page

A great way to start your resume is with a summary statement which discusses your goals and strengths

Then, list your education. The high school and college(s) you’ve attended. It is not recommended that you put your GPA unless it is a 3.5 or higher

Next is the experience section. This is where you write about your past internships and job experience. Usually this information is in bullet form and you can expand on how you took initiative or accomplished a goal – use numbers if you can




This is where you get personal. You can add a lot of sections including – volunteer experience, relevant coursework, extracurricular activities and community involvement, computer and language skills, and more!

You can also put thought into using a template or a layout, but don’t stress this too much. Your goal is to communicate your experience in the appropriate manner, not wow them with your design


Step 3 – Proofread!

You will not be taken seriously if there are spelling and grammatical errors on your resume. You won’t look detail oriented with a resume that looks like it wasn’t proofread

Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Print it out and read it over. Word won’t always catch all of your mistakes. You can also ask a friend or family member to read it over for you as well. Its always nice to have another set of eyes. There are even services online that will scan your resume and check for any mistakes


Step 3 – Print

Use good quality paper, and not just regular photo paper. Geographics offers many varieties and styles that are perfect for printing your resume! And our Design Center can help you put it all together!

We hope these resume tips to help you land your dream job have helped!




Now you are ready to get your dream job! What are you waiting for?

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Everything we do today in business is digital – from sending mail to attending meetings and networking. The business card is one thing that digital won’t take the place of anytime soon.

Handing someone your business card is something personal. Its a time when you make a genuine connection with someone, engaging in eye contact and conversation, which is how relationships begin.




Business cards are also the first impression that someone gets of your brand. You want to leave a memorable and great impression! You can encounter a contact or possible lead at any moment – whether you are at a conference or enjoying a drink at happy hour. Showing that you are prepared at all times is a great sign that you are professional. Will you be ready?

Together, with the many options of business cards we offer and the iClicknPrint Design Center you will never miss another opportunity to connect with someone important!




Its as easy as buying a pack of business cards from your local retailer. You can see where are products are sold near you on iClicknPrint.com You then use the iClicknPrint Design Center to customize your business cards. We have many different fonts to choose from as well as images. Add your logo to make it even more personalized!




When you are done, you save your project and select your print options, then you can print! What are you waiting for? Let us help your business grow! Visit www.iClicknPrint.com to get started and start creating a business card to help you network and make connections!



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Here at iClicknPrint we love Spring and all of the amazing things that come with it – from the warm weather and sunny days, to the beautiful blooming flowers, pretty butterflies, and chirping birds. We wanted to post a fun DIY craft project for you that is perfect for the Spring! Today we will show you an easy paper roses flower tutorial!

Thank you to ellinee.com and tipjunkie.com for the inspiration! The  tutorial will focus on paper roses. This tutorial is so easy, that you will be creating beautiful paper craft flowers at home in no time! These are perfect for a wide range of crafts, including accents on presents, hair accessories, brooches, wedding invitations, or for simple and effortless centerpieces that everyone will love.

Tutorials Paper


Geographics offers beautiful letterhead that can be used for this project! Some of our favorites are – Butterflies and Roses, Blue Paisley, and Damask!

ButterfliesPaisley BlueDamask


Here is the paper roses flower tutorial –


White Paper Rose


A close up of the finished product! They look beautiful in white, pink, and yellow!


Roses Paper


Check out the other 37 ways you can create paper flowers – http://www.tipjunkie.com/post/paper-flower/ You can use the iClicknPrint Design Center to customize your letterhead with text and images!

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With Mother’s Day less than a month away, what do you have planned for your mom’s special day? With iClicknPrint you can design a thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day card that she will remember forever!

Mothers Day

Note cards and greeting cards from Geographics can be purchased online at one of our online retailers –




There is an assortment of colors and sizes to choose from. The next step is to use the iClicknPrint Design Center to customize your card! Think of a thoughtful message or quote that can be printed on the inside or outside of the card, use her favorite colors, different font styles and colors, even combine clip art and images. This card will be a cinch to make and with a few embellishments and a little creativity you can create a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day card!


This creative card combines paper elements and sweet photos with a pink ribbon and paper heart charm. Royal Brites Photo Paper is perfect to use for this occasion! Also sold online, as well as in stores, you can choose from glossy or matte finish photo paper.


If you don’t want to add photos to you card, that’s okay! You can go the more simple route! Geographics offers many different styles of letterhead that you can use to get crafty. This card showcases different strips of letterhead paper cut and placed on top of one another, and a pink bow is glued down on top.


How could your mom not love one of these adorable cards? The best part is that it was handmade from you and not bought from the store. The thought is what counts the most!

You can even view our last post on how to make paper flowers.http://images.meredith.com/content/dam/bhg/Images/2012/05/101365150.jpg.rendition.largest.jpg They would be a great 3D addition to your card!

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