Use the professional grade Royal Brites project board to display your work, convey your ideas and create unique projects and presentations for work or school. Iclicknprint can help you do a fast and professional job.

Project boards are available in the following colors and sizes:

  • black, white, yellow/white or red/white
  • 20”x28” / 28”x40”
  • 22”x28”
  • 24”x36” / 36”x48”
  • 36”x48”
  • 38”x24”

Project Board can be used for:

  • Science Fair projects: Print and add photos, charts, graphs and tables to displays your good taste and knowledge. Use poster board to coat the project board or to get more space. Students’ hard work can be beautifully displayed with Royal Brites project board
  • Artistic exhibitions: Display your artwork or photography for sale or viewing at a variety of art shows.

Our demo video can help you learn how to use IClicknPrint to best suit your needs.